Alphabet Egg Matching Game

Busy bags, quiet time games, and learning center activities are a fun way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn while having fun!  My preschoolers have played a lot of alphabet games recently, and some are ready for more of a challenge.  Instead of identifying letters or matching upper and lower case letters, The Alphabet Egg Matching Game works on phonics skills too!

Download the FREE PRINTABLE EGG MATCHING GAME at the link at the end of the post.

The printable game includes 26 "cracked" eggs.  On the top of each egg is a letter of the alphabet and on the bottom is a picture of something that begins with the letter.

Printable Alphabet Egg Matching Game to practice phonics and letter skills from Modern Preschool

  • Print the eggs on card stock 
  • Cut out the eggs and across the cracked line in the middle
  • Mix up the letters and pictures 
  • Match up the eggs so that the letters match the correct pictures
Because there are 26 eggs, adding all of the eggs to the game at first may be confusing or a little overwhelming.  Instead, choose 3-5 eggs for your child to practice matching.  As the matching gets easier, add more eggs into the game.  The goal is to build confidence without frustration!

For younger learners (who may not know their letters and sounds yet), print out 2 copies of the game.   Only cut one set out.  Let your child match the letters and pictures to the eggs on the second set that have not been cut apart.  Talk about the letters and the sounds that the letters make.  Name each picture as it is matched too!

Printable Alphabet Egg Matching Game to practice phonics and letter skills from Modern Preschool
When your child has mastered matching all 26 eggs, change up the game!   

Egg Concentration - For older kids who are up to even more of a challenge, print out the eggs and then cut them apart.  Glue the top halves with the letters to one colored piece of paper.  Glue the bottoms with the pictures to a different colored paper.  Cut the tops and bottoms out again.  Turn all the egg pieces over so the letters and pictures are facing down on a table.  Each player picks one top and one bottom during each turn to try to make a correct match.  If the player makes a match, go again!  This is a fun way to turn the game into a game for the whole family!

This game can easily be stored in a ziploc bag or pencil pouch to be played again and again!

ALPHABET EGG MATCHING GAME PRINTABLE {click the link to download now!}

Printable Alphabet Egg Matching Game to practice phonics and letter skills from Modern Preschool

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